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Con Safos: Chicano Style Tattoo Art


Con Safos emerged from an idea of Miki Vialetto and Danny Boy, who approached the Chicano style once again with the aim of honoring this powerful and proud culture. The book presents the most interesting works realized by the finest tattoo artists who make up this artistic movement, and by the style’s best interpreters.

C/S, or Con Safos, was the expression which best represented Chicano style at the beginning of the 50s, in the zone between Mexico and California. It was used in documents, greetings, pictures and tattoos as an expression of this style. It continues to represent Chicano in every way: it contains a sense of belonging and respect, and describes a people and their story in many ways.

Con Safos gathers together 120 works created by 55 artists that represent the most authentic Chicano style – that is, the style that emerged more than twenty years ago from prisons – but also the highly personal interpretations of artists who love art in general and wanted to take on a style which is fascinating, popular, and recognized internationally by revisiting its most recurrent themes.

With works by Boog, Jose Lopez, Steve Soto, Chuey Quintanar, Carlo Torres, Jack Rudy, Tim Hendricks, Mike Giant and many more.

• A complete work, well-structured and often thrilling, a true tribute to one of the most popular styles of tattoo art.
• To appreciate all the interpretations and subjects of Chicano style.
• For fans of Chicano, tattoo art, and art in general.

Trim size:

38×29,7 cm


120 plates


120 black and grey plates


perfect bound volume





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