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From the Street with Love


The subject matter is who I am: it’s ghetto, it’s urban, it’s raw, it’s beautiful imagery from the streets with love. Boog

Ladies, clowns, guns, cars, dollar signs: the wild world of Chicano style tattoo seen by the legendary street artist, Boog. This long-awaited book takes you on a journey through 1000 explosive black-and-white and color designs of tattoo flash by the master of the American Chicano-style tattoo. Sexy and armed ladies, street life in a hot melting pot that becomes the setting of gangsta rap, a noir film set in a land filled with strong emotions. The volume includes the artist’s most recent drawings as well as his classics. It also features his famous script, making the book a complete reference not only for the Chicano-style, but for custom lettering as well.

Boog is a Mexican-American tattoo artist based in Dallas. He has been tattooing since the age of 14 and is known to many as the King of Script. His twenty-two years of tattooing have taken him on a journey from the streets to inking some of the stars of today.

• The powerful Chicano street-tough look continues to become incorporated as a matter of pride in the fast-growing American Hispanic culture and, as reported by The New York Times, is now part of “the fashion vernacular of non-Latinos as well.”
• Boog’s style conjures a myriad of Mexican iconography, religious themes, demented clowns, lettering, and a meaningful caricature of urban street life.
• An inspiration for tattoo artists, steet artists, fashionistas, and anyone with an interest in Chicano culture.

Trim size:

42×29,7 cm




139 duotone and 11 colour plates (each sheet contains multiple drawings)







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