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Henning Jorgensen: The Royal Tribute


Two major collections in one valuable volume: 67 sheets by Henning Jørgensen and a tribute by 92 masters of tattoo art to celebrate the 30th anniversary of his Royal Tattoo Studio.

This book celebrates 30 years of Henning Jorgensen’s Royal Tattoo Studio in two parts. The first part illustrates Henning’s famous Japanese path in a fine collection of 67 sheets produced from 1998 to 2014. You will find years of work and personal studies: his famous reinterpretations of oriental iconography and precious studies for tattoos on specific areas of the body.
But there is more: after this first ‘personal’ section, the volume offers a ‘collective’ of pieces made by 92 artists who wanted to pay homage to the famous Royal Tattoo – Henning’s studio in Helsingør – which is a mecca for many tattooists throughout the world.

Works by: Scott Sylvia, Jason Grace, Robert Atkinson, Federico Ferroni, Vlady, Trevor McStay, Juan Puente, Grime, Daniel Novais, Ami James, Erik Rieth, Mo Coppoletta, Valerie Vargas, Aaron Bell, Rose Hardy, Jason Kundell, Theo Jak, Dan Sinnes, Manuel Valenzuela, Chad Koeplinger, Paul Dobleman, Mike Rubendall, Luke Atkinson, Alex Reinke, Kevin LeBlanc and many more…

• A very important graphic patrimony for anyone who loves oriental style with a European twist.
• A collection of all the most important tattoo styles with works by the most famous contemporary artists.
• A precious resource for tattooists, illustrators and graphic designers.

Trim size:

38×29,7 cm




67 + 92 colour plates


clothbound with gold embossing





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