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Horihide by Horihide


A tour-de-force of Japanese tattoo art by the world-renowned artist, Horihide.

Horihide (Hideo Kakimoto) is one of the leading exponents of “Horimono,” or the traditional Japanese tattoo, and is unanimously considered a reference point for modern tattoo-artists. His style takes inspiration from the traditional Japanese Ukiyo-e prints and most of his subjects are a re-interpretation of the prints adapted to the human body. The extraordinary expressive power of his works combined with a singular formal elegance make him a true master of Japanese tattoo art. A master able to combine tradition and modernity in a synergy of rare aesthetic beauty. This lavish limited edition brings together Horihide’s exceptional work produced over the artist’s 60-year career. A must have for fans of Hirohide and Japanese tattoo art, as well as anyone interested in Japanese culture, fashion, design and its venerable iconography.

HoriHide (Hideo Kakimoto) was born in Setagaya, Japan in 1929. A self-taught artist he began tattooing at the age of 22. In his 60-year career he has had an immense influence over western tattoo artists, and has tattooed over 500 bodysuits (back, arms, buttocks, and thighs).

• Japan has always possessed an irresistible fascination for the West. From the pop art of Takashi Murakami and Yoshitomo Nara to the subcultures of manga and anime to tattoo art, Japan continues to boast a visual culture that is international in appeal yet uniquely Japanese.
• With a long-standing and revered tattoo culture, Japanese tattoos and traditional Japanese tattoo designs have become immensely popular in the West.
• Superb drawings by one of the most lauded tattoo artists in the US.
• This limited edition of 1000 numbered copies is also the first monograph in the English language dedicated to Horihide.
• Beautifully produced artist book with high-quality production values and embellishments, including an embossed satin cover and slipcase.

Trim size:

29,7×42 cm




120 colour plates (each sheet contains multiple drawings)


clothbound with silk-screened cover and slipcase





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