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SHAKTI-7 by Jondix


«In hindi “shakti” is the name of a type of energy from nature that helps you getting things done, that allows you to be able to create.
But we don’t have this word in the west, we would simply use the word “power” instead, which I don’t like that much if you use it all alone.
And that’s why my hindu friend Manoj advised me to add my favourite number next to it, seven… It is also a little connection with my shop in London: Seven Doors Tattoo.»

SHAKTI-7 is the new book in the series The Great Books on The Art of Tattooing.
This 120-sheet collection compiles the outlines of Tibetan, Hindu and Thai illustrations created specifically by Jondix for this important publishing project. The classic illustrations drawn from these cultures are respectfully reinterpreted with devotion by one of contemporary tattoo art’s greatest interpreters of oriental style.

This collection of flash can be used as a source of inspiration. It’s a valuable tool which Jondix wished to offer to every tattooist who loves this iconography, and it takes the reader on an incredible tour through the most authentic symbolism and iconography of these ancient cultures.

Mudras, landscapes, animals, plants, dragons, and mythical creatures, over 1000 subjects, designed with simple black lines which Jondix assembles to create mythological scenes or simple, everyday, ornamental images.

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29,7×42 cm




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